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Teacher Training.

Teacher Training

February 2021

Mana Yoga Teacher Training

Zen Yoga + Pilates are so excited to be hosting Mana Yoga Teacher Training in February 2021.

This 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is a collaboration of some of Brisbane’s leading yoga and health professionals. Whether you are just wanting to dive deeper into your yoga practice or become a career yogi this is going to be the perfect experience.

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Yin Yoga

5th – 9th May 2021

50 Hour Yin Yoga Immersion with Truth Robinson

This program is open to dedicated yoga students who want to explore Yin Yoga more or for Yoga teachers wanting to deepen their knowledge of Yin yoga.

This training will explore the merging of Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine into the blissful practise of Yin Yoga. Over this 5-day 50-hour Yin Yoga teacher training or immersion, you will slow down and break free of your normal routine to sit in a new way of beingness.

The popularity of Yin Yoga has been on the rise, signalling a yearning for people to dive deep within their inner landscape. This training will unfold the fundamentals of the practice of Yin Yoga and combine it with the secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This merging will enable a potency to your practice and teaching skills that will enhance the lives of you and your students to ultimately blossom into a more holistic experience of being. You will be vibrating on a whole new plane afterwards!

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