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Teacher Training.

Teacher Training


Mana Yoga Teacher Training

Zen Yoga + Pilates are so excited to be hosting Mana Yoga Teacher Training in February 2022.

This 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is a collaboration of some of Brisbane’s leading yoga and health professionals. Whether you are just wanting to dive deeper into your yoga practice or become a career yogi this is going to be the perfect experience.

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13TH - 15TH MAY 2022

25hr Teacher Training - The Chakra's

Over three days you'll learn the science behind chakra energy and experience ways to harness and clear chakras through yoga and meditation. We examine each of the main 7 chakras in detail. How they function when balanced or unbalanced, tools to keep them open and yoga practices to guide us through.
- History of yoga and meditation
- Subtle energy (nadis/ chakras)
- Journey thought the chakras
- How to practice at home or sequence (if your a teacher) chakra themed classes.
This training is for the person who wants to learn more about subtle energy and how to work with it in their yoga practice and everyday life.

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25hr Teacher Training - Intelligent Sequencing

Over three days you'll learn how to teach creatively crafted sequences to incase your class numbers and keep your students learning. Together we'll learn how to teach:
- Mandala style classes
- 360 mat rotations,
- Moving meditation asanas,
- Goddess vinyasa,
- Drishti hatha and many other combinations to keep the mind in the present moment.
This training is for the yoga teacher wanting to sharpen their teacher skills and take their students into a deeper realm of their physical practice.

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