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Zen Backcare Pilates

Release + Relieve Back Pain

This is more of a traditional mat pilates class with slow controlled movements aimed at strengthening back muscles and the surrounding areas. Our Pilates Instructors will guide you through a series of safe and specific exercises to help reduce and remove back pain.

Zen Barre Pilates

Combining Stength Training with Cardio

If you don't mind the burning factor, this is a class for you. Using the barre (like a ballet bar), this class is fun and burns some serious calories. Barre Pilates is a complete body workout incorporating ballet barre conditioning, yoga and Pilates.

Zen Resistance Pilates

Challenge Every Major Muscle Group

Using resistance bands, weighted balls and magic circles these classes a designed to give you a whole body workout, creating both strength and flexibility. Zen Resistence Pilates is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Zen Wall Pilates

Brisbane's Only State-of-the-Art Wall Pilates + Yoga

Using a series of clips and belts attached to our custom made wall system, Wall Pilates is a more supportive form of power Pilates designed to: Improve muscle tone and posture‚Ä® and increase flexibility