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Jasmine Andy 21Aug20-154

Friday 27th August (7-9.30pm)

Yoga For Your ASS - Anxiety, Stress & Sleep! with Jaz

Want to use the tools and practices of yoga to kick your ASS (anxiety, stress and sleep issues)?!

If you find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of getting lost in your thoughts, (or controlled by them completely) and the idea of getting a FULL and peaceful nights sleep sounds like something you'd really like to re-introduce to your life then this Friday evening course could be just what you're looking for.

Between the hours of 7pm-9pm, we will explore a range of different yoga tools and practices, including breath-work, visualisations, mudra (hand gestures), mantras, yoga poses and mindfulness based techniques that have all been linked to reducing stress, anxiety and improving sleep. We will also explore some yogic philosophy that will be relevant in helping the mind achieve our goals of more peaceful nights (and days as a result!)

These are tools you can then take home with you and put into practice as part of a regular night-time routine (no it doesn't have to be long!), that over time and practice will help you to better manage stress, anxiety and difficulties with falling or staying asleep.

Run by previous studio manager Jasmine, she uses her qualifications training and experience as a Yoga Therapist to tailor a specific set of tools that have been proven to support people with stress, sleep and anxiety.

Course Investment: $90

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Saturday 4th September (11am-2pm)


So you’ve heard your yoga teacher giving quote from ancient text …maybe ‘chitta vritti nirodha’ about some monkey and the  mind, or other verses from the Yoga Sutra’s, or the Bhagavad Gita….but what are these text’s, in what language and what religion, and what are the 8 lilmbs??!! And did you know that the physical practice of yoga, the Asana, is only a small part, maybe 10%,of the whole yoga system??
This workshop will weave together our understanding of the ancient text from the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s 8 Limbs to understand the history of the Yogic Life and how we can incorporate some of these wisdoms into our everyday life, and to gain an understanding of Yoga beyond the physical practice.
Jana is passionate about Yoga Philosophy and contemplative studies and has been studying them for over 20 years.  With a degree in Psychology she is able to align these ancient text with our western understanding of the human condition, and how we can use these wisdoms in our everyday life to overcome our modern day problems.
We will finish the workshop with a meditation and sound healing.

Course Investment: $90

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Friday 15th - Sunday 17th October 2021


Over three days Immerse yourself in a 25 hours Yin Teacher Training. Jana will guide you through the theory behind yin yoga, illustrating the physiological, energetic, and psychological benefits.

You’ll dive deeply into the practice, learning how to safely practice yin yoga + to teach it, including the postures, sequencing a class, use of props and creating the space for your students.

This yin teacher teaching will benefit all aspect of your teaching and deepen your understanding of the benefits of finding stillness in the body and the mind.

After 3 days you will receive 25 Yoga Alliance YACEP certified hours.

This training is for yoga teachers and anyone who is interested in deepening their yoga practice.

Course Investment: $530

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October date TBC


Are you new to or returning to yoga? Or maybe you've been coming to classes for a while but are still a little unsure of how to approach certain key poses and are still trying to work out this whole breath-body-movement piece!

Then join us for a 4 hour course on

How to breathe properly in your practice

How to switch on your ‘Bandhas’

How to find ‘Tadasana’ (engaged and safe alignment) in every pose

How to do key poses and transitions and some modifications that might help (e.g. Chaturanga - Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog)

How to approach your practice - understanding Yogic Philosophy

How to form a regular practice

Run by previous studio manager Jaz, she brings a perspective from her Yoga Therapy training on how yoga can be used not only for keeping fit and active but also to improve and maintain our general health and wellbeing.

Course Investment $120

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Friday 19th - Sunday 21st November 2021


Over three days you'll learn the science behind chakra energy and experience ways to harness and clear chakras through yoga and meditation. We examine each of the main 7 chakras in detail. How they function when balanced or unbalanced, tools to keep them open and yoga practices to guide us through.

- History of yoga and meditation
- Subtle energy (nadis/ chakras)
- Journey thought the chakras
- How to practice at home or sequence (if you’re a teacher) chakra themed classes.

This training is for the person who wants to learn more about subtle energy and how to work with it in their yoga practice and everyday life.

Course Investment: $530

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Nov/Dec date TBC


Have you been practicing yoga for a little while and feel you want to get more out of your practice? Do you want to understand more about the poses, breath-work and philosophy involved? Do you want to understand more about your own anatomy and how to approach poses to best suit your body's needs?

Then join us for a 4 hour course that will cover:

Learning about 4-part and transitional breathing and how to use this to your advantage in a 'flow' style class

Breaking down intermediate yoga poses and how to adapt these to suit your own unique muscular-skeletal structure

Learning how to start working towards more advanced yoga poses in a way that builds the core strength and flexibility required in a way that suits your body and available practice time

Exploring the yoga philosophy and framework that surrounds our practice and how we can start to view our experiences through this lens, both on and off the mat.

Run by previous studio manager Jaz, she brings a perspective from her Yoga Therapy training on how yoga can be used not only for keeping fit and active but also to improve and maintain our general health and wellbeing.

Course Investment: $120 
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Friday 10th - Sunday 12th December 2021


Over three days you'll learn how to teach creatively crafted sequences to increase your class numbers and keep your students learning. Together we'll learn how to teach:

- Mandala style classes
- 360 mat rotations,
- Moving meditation asanas,
- Goddess vinyasa,
- Drishti hatha and many other combinations to keep the mind in the present moment.

This training is for the yoga teacher wanting to sharpen their teacher skills and take their students into a deeper realm of their physical practice.

Course Investment: $530

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